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Contract glass

Full service glassing in both polyester and epoxy available. 


Poly glassing

Full service custom polyester glassing services:  classic cut laps, resin tints, abstracts, swirls, clear no color, channel bottoms, glass on fins, no problem.  Simple painted rails or tail dips also no problem.  Standard matte finish, proper wet sanded gloss coats and full gloss and polish finishes available.  Email for pricing and timeline.  



Generally entropy and resin research epoxy resins in stock. Custom carbon tape and patches available.  Generally eps shapes are given resin seals to reduce trapped air in the lamination processes.  Tinted resin seals and simple painted rails or tail dips available upon request.    Email for pricing and time line.  


Glassing schedule

Customize your build:  6 oz s, 6 oz warp, 6 oz e, 6 oz volan, 4oz s, 4 oz e and 4 oz basalt kept in stock.  Get the weight, strength and flex you want with the right combination of weaves.  Various carbon tapes in stock as well.    

CNC / Milling Services

Aps 3000 surfboard cnc cutting machine on site.  Cuts pu, eps and lengths form 3 feet to 12 feet and up to 36 inches wide.  



Email files in aku or shape 3d.  We will fit them in an appropriate blank and cut the files.  Quick turnarounds.  Email for pricing and availability.  



We keep a regularly updated inventory of US Blanks in poly (mostly red and blue density) and eps block cut foam.  Generally we stock the "natural rockers" with a few custom rockers for logs and guns.  Custom rockers, custom stringers and any density of foam can be custom ordered.  Blanks can be purchased for milling on site or to take home and hand shape.  Email inquiry for current blank inventory. 

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Board files

Need help dialing in your file?  Want to recreate a magic board?  Hourly services available for custom file building, file clean up and file building tutorials.  There's lots of does and dont's when building a board cad file.  The computer and machine will do exactly what you tell it to do.  Properly building your file and sending the right data to the machine makes cleaner better cuts and will improve the quality of your design and shape.  Email inquiry and we can dial in your board files.  

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