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Contact Sam
1117 Palmetto Ave
Pacifica, CA 94044
IG: @judahdunesurfboards

To get a custom Judah Dune board started contact me and let me know generally the style of board you are looking for and the basic dimensions/volume you have in mind.   Scrolling through the models page or my ig page is a great place to begin.   From there we can start a conversation about customizing the model, dimensions, volume artwork and build details.  I will then provide a detailed price quote.  From receipt of $150 deposit via venmo, pay pal or zelle, it will be 6-9 weeks until the board is finished.  Balance due when you pick up the board.  

For contract glass send length of the board, fin set up, artwork specs, finish and glassing schedule.   For more info on the glassing details I can answer your questions with a quick phone consult.   I will provide a quote and a timeline for your glass job once the details are settled.

For cnc services, email files to be cut in either aku or shape 3d.  I will take a quick look and determine which blanks will be needed and advise you on the readiness of your files.  Price list available upon request.  Discounted rates on larger blank and cut orders.  

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