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Hi performance shapes, alternative shapes, traditional shapes, get the board you want exactly the way you want it.  Customize your design, construction and artwork.  



If it can be surfed, we probably make it:  fishes, shortboards, guns, eggs, longboards...  Poly and eps construction, custom stringers, custom dimensions, custom designs to suit the riders ability, body, style and favorite surf spot in different conditions.   



Classic resin tints, abstract resin tints, clear no color,  polyester, epoxy, strong, light, heavy, whatever floats your boat.  S-glass, volan, warp cloth, basalt and e cloth in various weights and widths kept in stock to help customize the glassing. 



Getting the finish you want for a custom board is an important aesthetic factor.  Wether you want a standard matte finish, a proper wet sanded gloss, satin, combed grain finish or a full gloss and polish. mirror finish, we will get all the options priced for you in a custom quote.   

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